Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Elements

No good missions trip blog would be complete without some of the challenging and exciting elements (local wildlife, power outages, a bathroom light that flickered enough to give anyone a seizure, an unpredictably intermittent hot water schedule, the semi-wild dogs on our hike to the falls) we encountered.
Scorpian #1 Found in K's Backpack the day after Roatan...we hoped we didn't bring it all the way from the island.

Scopian #1 was quite determined. In spite of multiple backpack shakings, it still hung in there--resulting in quite a hilarious video.
The Quite Large Cockroach Discovered in my Shoe

I was Skyping peacefully scorpion #2 came marching towards me clearly with the intent to attack and gave me unpleasant scorpion filled dreams the night before we left. Scorpian #3 was found by A in her bed the morning of our departure. Indeed, this fond farewell from the scorpions made us slightly less sad to depart.

NaCl (see white chunks)--found it's way into quite a bit of the (otherwise would-have-been-delicious) food, much to our dismay.

Although our trip was incredibly dry for being the rainy season there was lots of thunder and lightning. When it did rain it came with force. The downpours were incredible. The other day the rain woke me up from a nap, it was coming down so hard.

 Incredibly, against all odds we survived!

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